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It will be easy to see the economic predictions and choose to cut back on our offerings. Our ministry needs, however, as a church are only growing day by day.

There will be so many gospel opportunities when this is over. They may look very different than they did in the previous weeks but they will be plentiful. We need to be poised to meet those needs head-on in Jesus’ name. We need our church to be stronger than ever on the other side of this.

Our prayer is that we give more in this crisis than we were before.

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WEEK OF SUNDAY, 4/6/2020 Jesus’ Baptism

Scripture: Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3; John 1

Curriculum Section: Unit 20, Session 1

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Discussion Questions:

Where did John the Baptist live?

What did John do when people said they were sorry for their sins?

What did Jesus ask  John to do?

What happened when John baptized Jesus?

Why did Jesus become human?

Christ Connection:

Jesus never did anything wrong, but He was baptized like sinners are baptized. Baptism reminds us that Jesus died and came back to life. People who know and love Jesus are baptized to show they are following.


During this time, it’s imperative that we stay connected, knowing there are others we can pray for and with. It’s the perfect time to start a BFG. Want more information? Head over to Want to join a BFG? Contact Dan Robertson at


Turn the news into prayer

As you watch, listen, or read the news turn each story into a prayer. For example, if you see a headline about how cases are slowing in an area take time to thank God for his mercy. If you hear about a need for more medical supplies pray for God’s provision. If you read an article about the government’s response pray for God to give wisdom to our leaders.

Set a daily alarm for 10:40 AM

Remember to pray for the spread of the gospel to the nations during this time by setting an alarm for 10:40 am. Pray for unreached people groups, most of which live in the 10/40 window across North Africa, the Middle East, India, and East Asia. Pray for lost people you know in Richmond or Madison County.

Pray together as a family by starting or expanding upon your family worship routine

If you aren’t already spending consistent time together as a family to worship Jesus now is a great time to start. Read a portion of Scripture, sing a familiar hymn or worship song, and pray together as a family. Pray with and for your spouse, children, parents, siblings, and relatives.

Turn phone calls into prayer calls

When you call family, friends, loved ones, and others to check in and see how they are doing ask how you can be praying for them and then briefly pray with them over the phone.

Pray daily for BFG requests

Take the list of prayer requests from your BFG and pray for one or two requests each day of the week. Pray for two or three people from your BFG each day. Pray through the list of your BFG members using the list from your BFG group chat.

48 Hours of Prayer

Continue to sign up for our church’s 48 Hours of Prayer each week throughout this pandemic. Use our church’s prayer guide and as your time ends, call the person after you and pray with and for them.

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