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Ashland Missional Leadership Training

We are committed to reproducing the future pastors and leaders at Ashland as well as those we will send around the world to plant and revitalize churches.

This is best accomplished within the context of the local church. The way we cultivate our skills, gifts, and calling is through pouring our lives into the local church’s ministry. Ultimately, it’s the local church who acknowledges and affirms your leadership. It’s the local church who send out pastors, planters, missionaries, and leaders for the sake of Christ’s mission around the world.

Some of our leaders will be sent from Ashland, and some will stay and serve Ashland faithfully for years. Either way, the goal is to see the church served well both here and around the world. For this reason we only want leaders willing to pour their lives into the context of Ashland for the purpose of serving and learning from the church.

We seek to raise up leaders in four areas/roles:

Church Pastoring – To serve as pastors in like-minded churches as referred by the Ashland pastors

Church Leadership – Leaders who train to have their families sent to assist planters or revitalization efforts by taking on significant leadership positions in the church.

Church Planting – To be sent by Ashland to various cities and communities to plant Christ-centered, biblically-sound, and reproducing churches

Church Revitalization – To lead change in declining churches that are willing to accept new leadership for the sake of reaching their community and the nations with the gospel

Participate in worship each Sunday.

Participate in weekly staff meetings on Wednesday 9:00 pm. In the event of a scheduling conflict, send an email containing ministry updates and prayer requests to appointed staff member before Wednesday. Then follow up after staff meeting with appointed staff member to be updated on important decisions and any ministry assignments

Maintain weekly involvement (leadership) in a Bible Fellowship Group.

Be engaged in substantial ministry at Ashland including what pastors and staff assign.

Attend all significant ministry events at Ashland and get approval from pastor for any absence. Show up early. Have a ministry presence during. Stay to help take down and clean up. Communicate when there is a scheduling conflict.

Lead you wife and kids in active service at Ashland. There is no requirement for your wife to lead any ministry. However she must joyfully serve this church and have a ministry presence.

Attend all Congregational Meetings.

Make hospital/shut-in visits on assigned day each week.Coordinate with leaderships about an appropriate day conducive to you schedule. In the event of conflict, you are responsible for making sure visits get made on your assigned day

Personal Evangelism

Participate in personal evangelism at least four times over the duration of training. (We assume you are sharing the gospel much more. However we want to hear about at least four.) These encounters must take place outside the context of regular church ministry.

Preaching or Leading Bible Study

Preach at nursing home, local mission, or a context outside of Ashland. These opportunities should be found independently of the pastors. We want to know you really want to preach. If so you’ll find opportunities. If you don’t feel called to preach be active in teaching the Bible in some context (kids, BFG, students etc).


Take at least one trip to NOLA, Ica, Peru, or other Ashland-led international mission location.

BFG Leadership

Complete the BFG Leadership Training. If possible lead a BFG or a fight club within the BFG.


Learn proficiency in leading various aspects of worship service (announcements, Scripture reading, testimony, prayer for offering)


Disciple at least two other men consistently for 9 months. The fight club in your BFG can count for this.

Supplemental Ministry

Serve during VBS. Serve in at least one of the following. Observe in the ministry you do not serve in Kid’s (Sunday AM), AWANA, Students, College. Write a one-page paper of reflection on each ministry that includes encouragement as well as critiques to each of these ministries. 

Ashland Worship / Staff Meeting

Attend at least one serve at Ashland Lex and one service at Ashland in Oldham County. Attend at least one staff meeting at Ashland Lex and one staff meeting at Ashland OC. Coordinate with pastor Nate Bevier and Pastor Casey McCall to make sure its a convenient time to attend. Write three-page paper that details specific ways you see the Ashland vision and philosophy being uniquely implemented in a different context


Attend one Southern Baptist Convention or KBC. Write a 3 page response concerning the importance and efficiency of partnering with the conventions for the sake of the Great Commission.

Read the following books and provide three-pages reviews including a brief summary, critical analysis, and benefit for ministry:

Am I CalledDavid Harvey

Manly DominionMark Chanski

The GospelRay Ortlund

OnwardRussell Moore

Let the Nations Be GladJohn Piper

Disciplining –Mark Dever

Church with Jesus as HeroDavid Prince

The Pleasures of GodJohn Piper

The Imperfect PastorZach Eswine

Lectures to My Students – Charles H. Spurgeon

PreachingTim Keller

Simplest Way to Change the World – Brandon Clements & Dustin Willis

Current Pastoral Ministry Interns

Austin Padgett
Austin Padgett
Justin Padgett
Justin Padgett
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Jordan Whitehead