Prayer Guide


  • Pray for the end of the spread of this virus
  • Pray for healing for those who are sick
  • Pray for protection from the virus
  • Pray for our church to live by faith and not by fear
  • Pray for our church to have wisdom and unity
  • Pray for our church to model courageous, sacrificial love to one another and to the community
  • Pray for our church to proclaim the Gospel
  • Pray for wisdom for our pastor and church staff: Pastor Jeremy, Clay, Dan, Mary, and Eric
  • Pray for wisdom for our political leaders at the local, state, and federal levels: Richmond Mayor Robert R. Blythe, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, United States President Donald Trump
  • Pray for employers and employees affected by business closures
  • Pray for students, parents, teachers, and all those who work in education who are affected by school closings in Madison County Schools and at EKU and Berea College
  • Pray for nurses, doctors, public health officials, and for all those who work in healthcare
  • Pray for our local and state first responders, national guard, and for all those who serve to protect our communities
  • Pray for the Gospel to continue to spread locally and to the ends of the earth
  • Pray for the lost to turn from their sin and trust in Christ alone for their eternal salvation
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