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Bible Fellowship Groups

We take friendship seriously.

We believe we were made to love God and one another. We were made for friendship and we understand our need for it – for accountability, for growth, and for joy. Bible Fellowship Groups (BFGs) allow us to do just that. BFGs are small groups that meet in homes throughout Madison County where we live out the gospel together, seeking to apply the Word of God to our life circumstances. In short, BFGs exist for…


God created us to live not in isolation, but alongside others. Through our BFGs we are intentional in building real friendships where we pray for and serve one another.


We want to be “doers of the word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22), and our BFGs provide the context for members to be challenged, encouraged, and inspired to respond to the Word of God.


BFGs bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into our homes, our neighborhoods, and our community at large.

BFG Leaders

Barnes Mill
Leader: Jeremy Haskins
Sunday | 5 PM
East Kentucky Avenue
Leader: Eric Turner
Sunday | 5 PM
Horseshoe Bend
Leader: Joe Martin
Sunday | 1 PM
McIntosh Drive
Leader: Austin Padgett
Sunday | 5:30 PM
Park Place Drive
Leader: Jake Hancock
Sunday | 5 PM
Primrose Circle
Leader: Chris Allen
Sunday | 5 PM
Cherry Road Court
Leader: Micah Watkins
Sunday | 5 PM
Fike Road
Leader: Dan Robertson
Sunday | 5:30 PM
Lancaster Road
Leader: Kyle Wells
Sunday | 12 PM
Meridian Way 1
Leader: Glenn Pruitt
Sunday | 5:30 PM
Pilot Knob Cemetary Road
Leader: Paul Turner
Sunday | 5 PM
Windsor Drive
Leader: Ben Slater
Sunday | 12 PM
Cottonwood Dr
Leader: David Perry
Sunday | 1 PM
Frankie Drive
Leader: Clay Tabor
Sunday | 5 PM
Loblolly Lane
Leader: Patrick Fuson
Sunday | 12 PM
Meridian Way 2
Leader: Jeremy Ellis
Sunday | 5:30 PM
Pleasure Drive
Leader: Yehor Vitel
Sunday | 5 PM
Wisteria Court
Leader: Amos Kendrick
Sunday | 5:30 PM