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God is relational, and desires to have a relationship with us. We believe we were all created to live in relationship with God, and in community with each other. We are passionate about leading folks to a deeper relationship with God and one another.

We know attending a church can be intimidating. There’s that awkward balance between wanting to get plugged in, yet desiring to hang back and take it all in before you commit. We get it. Maybe you have yet to attend one of our services, and are trying to figure out if you’d like to come. Or, perhaps you’ve attended a service or two and are wondering, “How do I get connected to this church?”

We want to be straightforward and simplistic in answering this question.

So that we can do all we do with excellence for the glory of Christ, we want to remain laser focused on what we are trying to accomplish as a church. This is why we believe it is important to prioritize our activity in the following ways:  Worship, Community, and Service.

While the Bible’s message about Jesus is heard in a variety of other contexts, the preaching of the word within the corporate worship service every Sunday is central. This is when the whole body hears the same message which is leading us all toward the same mission. This time of hearing the Word of God together is vital if we are going to live out the Christian life.

The goal of every BFG is to provide accountable fellowship to live out our faith as we consistently hear the Word preached together. This is why our BFGs use a strategic sermon-based discussion method for applying the Word we hear in our worship service.

We strive to help one another understand how the message of Jesus applies to every area of life.  Crucial to this accountability is the understanding that only in Jesus do we find the grace we need to trust and obey God’s Word, the Bible.

Our Ashland Kids Ministry takes place on Sunday Mornings during our worship service. We ask that everyone who is a member of Ashland serve within this ministry in some way. This allows all of us to worship regularly as well as experience the blessing of ministering to kids and families in Madison County.

While much of our service will happen with and toward one another in our BFGs, we also want to provide opportunities for you to use your unique gifts and abilities.  We have 3 target areas of service that we are emphasizing at this time. They are student ministry, college ministry, and international ministry.

  • Our Student ministry, which is called Veritas in Madison County, meets every Wednesday at 6:30 pm.
  • Our College ministry, includes small groups on Sunday Night, Access on Campus during the week, and Access Worship, which is one Sunday Night a month.
  • Our International Ministry is a ministry to the various people groups represented in Madison County from other nations. They meet every Tuesday Night at 6:30pm.

These target areas of ministry represent various and unique opportunities for us to reach and minister to those whom God has called us to in Madison County.  Within each of these ministries there are plenty opportunities for you to use your particular skills and abilities.

Our goal is to help you be simplistic and strategic with your time and resources.  This is why we want you to only pick one of these areas of ministry to serve within.