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2023 Ashland Church Be A Man Plan
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Change men and we’ll change our church, community, and the world. 

In the beginning God gave the responsibility to lead, protect, and provide to the man, Adam. In Genesis 3, we see Adam failed in this responsibility allowing Satan in the Garden which thus brought about the curse of sin and death. In cursing the world, God was specifically holding Adam responsible for this his failed leadership which is why we see the chaos of sin and death that dominates the world as we know it.

At some point every problem in our homes, churches, and communities can be laid at the feet of failed male leadership. Where the chaos of sin reigns there is a man who failed to take dominion.   

What’s the answer? The gospel. The goodness that there is a man who did not fail to lead, protect, and provide for His bride, the church. Men must reclaim dominion be being redeemed in the man who is Jesus. By first trusting that he was the man we could never be and he has taken the brunt of the curse for our sin by enduring God’s wrath on the cross. In him, we not have the freedom from Adam’s failure but also the power accomplish what Adam could not. In Christ we are empowered to sacrificially lead, protect, and provide.

What does it mean to be a man following the man? That’s the question we will be tackling this year in our men’s ministry.

We will begin meeting the first Saturday of every month (10:00AM) on February the 4th. We need every man at Ashland to be there as we unpack what it means to be a man. Each meeting will include teaching as well as specific assignments for the next month. We will be challenge to engage in Bible Reading, Prayer. We will be tasked with specific leadership assignments in our families, at work and at school. As we reconvene each month we will seek accountability from other men to stay on course and Be A Man!

The monthly gathering will be for men Middle School – thru all ages of adulthood. However, know that the challenges will be for adult men. 

COMING SOON! Bible Reading, Prayer, Leadership at Home, Leadership at School and Work

    • 10:00 AM Saturday Mornings
        • February 4th Creation  
        • March 4th Fall 
        • April 1st Redemption 
        • May 6th Marriage 
        • August 5th Fatherhood
        • September 2nd Work
        • October 7th Church
        • November 4th Mission