Luke 12:32 Sermon Discussion Questions

Our worst fears  reveal our greatest idols. (ie. We fear poverty bc we’ve made money and idol. We fear sickness bc we’ve made health an idol.) What are your worst fears? What idols do they reveal in your life? 

What should our worst fear be? How should it lead to trust in God over and above anything else?

Jesus reminds us that we are in reality small insignificant sheep who have a strong mighty warrior shepherd. Trusting in our significance and power keeps us from following the shepherd. Thus making us more fearful. Coming to terms with our sheep-ness leads us to the shepherd. How have you trusting in your own significant and strength? How has it made you more fearful? What fears are leading you to the shepherd? How do you need to be more “sheepish” and look to the shepherd? 

How does the kingdom overwhelm your worst fears? (Poverty sickens death etc) How might you display the kingdom is greater than your worst fears? (Love risk sacrifice) 


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