Philippians 4:19-23 Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Are there things you describe as needs that are really just wants? What are they? Why are you tempted to see these things as things you need rather what they are things you want?


  • The gospel is the promise that God will ultimately meet all your needs in Jesus. It begins with your greatest needs for eternity forgiveness of sin and the promise of resurrection. How do the eternal promises of the gospel help to temper your temporary wants?


  • How can you remind yourself in your greatest times of need that your greatest needs have already been met in the gospel?


  • Your eternity will be given over to displaying the worth of God (value, weight, glory) by making much of Jesus through service, worship, and fellowship. How does your life now compare to what you will do for eternity? How are you making much of Jesus now? How are you failing to make much of Jesus now?


  • If Jesus is enough for eternity, He is enough now. In what areas are you failing to believe that Jesus is enough?


  • Our society at this moment is marked by hatred and division. There are clashes for power that seem to constantly drive us further apart. How is the mission of the kingdom different? Given the unifying nature of the kingdom mission why is it dangerous to confuse missions of the culture with the kingdom’s mission?


  • Our joy in the Spirit will be determined by our view of grace. Why is this? Our view of grace will be determined by our view of sin. What does this mean? How will you seek to have a larger view of grace?
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