Mark 9:42-50 Sermon Discussion Questions

What areas of your life are you struggling to compete with Jesus for greatness? Work, Home, School, or Church? How do you struggle with trying to be great in these areas? 

How are your hands, feet, eyes working for greatness? How can you “cut” these things from your life?  

Why do you think we consciously or subconsciously seek to ignore the reality of Hell? 

How much does the reality of Hell affect the way you think about people in your life who do not know Jesus? 

Does it matter that Hell is not only for those who sin against God but even more for those who reject Jesus? Does it make any difference in the way you think about Hell? Why or Why not? 

How have you struggled to make church ‘hellish” for others? How have you sought to make yourself great at church? 

In what ways will you seek to season the church with the salt of the gospel?  How will you seek to be redemptive and preservative by making Jesus great in the church?

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