Jame 4:1-10 Sermon Discussion Questions

What do you find yourself arguing with others about the most? (at home, church, work, school) What does this say about your heart? Do your arguments reveal anything specific in your heart that may have become an idol? 

Are there things you want really bad but would never pray for because you know your motive is wrong? Are there things you really wish God would do but know they are not what would be right or God for you? How does this reveal any idols in your heart?

How have you experienced God’s opposition to your pride? How have you experienced God’s favor in humility?

What are some practical ways you can submit to the Lord and exhibit humility before the Lord?

How often do you confess your sin? How often do you weep over your sin? How could you cultivate a better pattern of brokenness over and confession for your sin? 

How does the cross crucify our pride and cultivate humility? 

What is the difference in being humbled by grace rather than living humiliated by our sin? How does the grace lead to genuine humility as opposed to condemnation?

In Christ, our humiliation leads to exaltation. How should this truth temper your desires to exalt yourself?

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