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We’re overjoyed that you’re thinking about joining our church family! We believe that as people commit themselves to the work God is doing here at Ashland, we become a better, more equipped, more faithful church to reach others for the sake of Jesus. God has uniquely given you gifts and abilities that increase this church’s ability to proclaim the gospel more effectively. We praise God for you!

Below, you’ll find links to our:

Just as God has given you to the church to equip it for gospel ministry better, God has given you the church to increase your joy and better equip you to fulfill the call of Christ in your life to joyfully love God and make disciples.

We believe there are a few things all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ need for healthy spiritual growth:

  1. Faithful attendance in worship with the gathered church body
  2. Gospel friendship with other believers for encouragement and accountability (we do this in our Bible Fellowship Groups)
  3. Joyful service to Christ, the church, and the surrounding community.

If you have yet to get plugged into a Bible Fellowship Group or found a place to use your gifts by serving the church for the glory of God, we encourage you to do so!