1 Samuel 2:11-3:2 Sermon Study Questions

The priests had empty their role in Israel of any meaning by serving themselves instead of God and others. What ways have you empty your life of meaning by using this life and what God has given for yourself and not God and others? What are the gifts that you tend to think exist for you and not God? What things to you seem to horde to yourself instead of using them for others?

The priests had devolved into empty worship by handling the things of God with no reverence for God. Are there activities that you do for God that you have allowed to be emptied of meaning? Why do you think that happens? How should we avoid this?

The priest had allowed the culture of the tabernacled to devolve into pagan idolatry.  Worship had become about personal desires rather than repentance before the Holy Lord. Because there was no repentance their hearts where too hard to turn to the Lord. How can this happen in a church? What preferences in your life seem to trump the mission of Christ in the church?  When was the last time you repented of a specific sin because of something you heard in Bible Study or a sermon?

FOR LIFE TO HAVE Worth (GLORY WEIGHT) it must be filled with God’s glory. What weighs the most in your life? Is it God? What gives you meaning? Is it your identity in Christ? What do you fill this life with? Is it the mission of Jesus?

Read Hebrews 7:25  How can you thankful Jesus is always interceding for you? Why is this Good News? IN what ways are you prone to forget this? Are there times of struggle or sin when you tend to deny that Jesus is presently standing before the Father as you righteous priest?

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