1 Samuel 2:1-10 Sermon Study Questions

How do we boast in the Lord? What specific ways do we champion the Lord? (Be practical and specific / worship testimonies)

What strengths do you have that cause you to forget the Lord? How have your weaknesses reminded you of the Lord?

How have you sought to be satisfied in temporary created things as opposed to seeking to be ultimately happy in God?

In what ways do you see yourself as the giver of life? How are you convinced that you provide for yourself and forget God is your provider

How have you seen God guide your step away from destruction? Looking back how has he protected you from situations or circumstances that would have ruined your life?

What does it mean to boast in the cross?

Before the cross, how do you boast in your own

  • Weakness and His power
  • Poverty and His richness
  • Barrenness and His life
  • Guilt and His righteousness
  • Destruction and His deliverance
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