Sermon Discussion Questions for 1 Samuel 18&19

Jonathon is a picture of what it means to surrender to God as King. You literally give your kingdom to Jesus. You surrender all loves and rights to Him. Have you surrendered your kingdom to Jesus? What are the loves in your life that must be replaced with love for Jesus?

Have you ever noticed the sin of being jealous of Jesus? While we may have never confessed our sin in this way? How can jealousy for Jesus as King subtly show up in your life?

How have you been tempted to negotiate the kingdom with Jesus? If I do (fill in the blank) then I can get what I want (health, wealth, heaven, fellowship)?

Jesus promises when we follow Him will experience hatred and dysfunction within what should be some of our most meaningful relationships. How have you experience dysfunction at home, work, within friendships, and with family because of Jesus? What may the lack of such dysfunction say about your commitment to Jesus?

Saul is a picture of the insanity that comes in opposing God as our King. In your own words why is it foolish to oppose Jesus as king. How have you experienced the frustration and foolishness of opposing Jesus?

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