Sermon Discussion for 1 Samuel 20

  • Friendship for Jesus means suffering for righteousness sake. How are you having to say Jesus is right and the world (or others family friends) is wrong? In what ways are having to suffer for aligning with the rightness of Jesus kingdom?  
  • Friendship with Jesus is to create a distinct culture of righteousness in the church which is marked by love. How have you experienced such a culture in your own life? What are the ways in which you could be more  distinctly ‘friendly’ in the context of the church by intentionally loving others?
  • Friendship with Jesus is rooted in His covenant love for us. How should Jesus covenant love for us cause us to be better friends? How does it inform our view of ‘covenant’ church membership?   
  • Friendship with Jesus means identifying with Jesus suffering. Are there places you are refusing to go because you do not want to suffer for the gospel? Are there people you are refusing to serve and share with because you refuse to suffer for the gospel? What changes will you make to intentionally mimic the sufferings of Jesus? 
  • Friendship with Jesus is forged in the Exile. How has suffering caused a deeper friendship with Jesus in your life? Has there been a time in your life when all you had was Jesus?  How has suffering cause deeper relationship with your church family? How has suffering created greater friendships in your life?
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