1 Samuel 24 Sermon Discussion Questions

Mercy is not losing its ruling. How do we see this at the cross and in Jesus resurrection? How can you display the rule of mercy in your life? Be specific. What people and what circumstances do you need to trust God for mercy?

Mercy is not weakness it’s power. How do we see in Jesus’ life? How have others displayed mercy to you? How has the power of Jesus’ mercy changed your life?

Mercy is not doing away with justice it’s believing in justice. How has God instituted justice in the world? How has God promises to bring ultimate justice to the world? How does this free you from personal revenge and lead you to mercy?

Mercy is not just resolving a misunderstanding. It’s refraining from judgement when judgement is deserved. How does Jesus refraining from judgement despite what you deserve lead you to mercy? 

Jesus doesn’t just call us to be merciful. He has been merciful to us! How does God’s heart of mercy break your heart of sin?

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