1 Samuel 23 Sermon Discussion Questions

God calls David to rescue those who would betray him. How does such a rescue point us to Jesus sacrifice for you? 

Because Jesus serves those who have betrayed him (you and I) how might we serve those who have or might betray us? Are there specific people in your life who you might be called to love in this way? 

What ways have you been betrayed by those who you love the most? Do you have trouble trusting the promises of God because of certain times of betrayal in your life?

How have you experienced the faithfulness of God through the friendship of Christians? What tangible ways have others reminded you of God’s faithfulness during difficult times? How can you be a better friend to those who need to be reminded of God’s goodness in Jesus? 

How have you betrayed God? Why is the resurrection the rock solid foundation of God’s faithfulness to you despite you betrayal? How might you remind yourself of God’s faithfulness when you are tempted to forget? 

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