Philippians 3:12-16

Following Christ more closely means suffering for others more consistently. How might you press into Christlikeness by strategically serving outside my comfort zone? What relationships at this time are really inconvenient for you? How will you pursue joy in serving these specific people? What kind of things might you embrace that are scary and could even be risky for the sake of the gospel?

Finishing well means refusing to look back. How are you tempted to look back on past accomplishments? How are you tempted to commiserate in past sin? How does this steal your joy in the present? How does this keep you from serving others well? How will you look forward and sacrifice for others instead of looking back?

Maturity in Christ means realizing I am not where I want to be but I have the gospel where I am. What most frustrates you about your personal spiritual growth? What areas in your life do you tend to be the most disappointed when it comes to your Christlikeness? How will you pursue more growth in Christ likeness while remembering you have Christ despite your failures?

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