Psalm 96 Sermon Discussion Questions

The gospel compels us to to declare God’s praise and tell of his salvation in Jesus Christ to all nations, to all peoples, and even people who aren’t like us and who we naturally wouldn’t choose to be around. Who are you avoiding that you need to talk to about God’s glory and/or the gospel? How does the gospel encourage you to go to them and praise Jesus in your conversation with them?

How will you recognize and praise the Lord’s glory to others in the various spheres of your life (at home, in your neighborhood, at school or work, etc)? How will you begin to go to the those who you naturally would not choose to be around with God’s praise and Good News of his salvation?

Because of the gospel we can see the glory of the LORD in the face of Jesus Christ. What are some idols or sins in your life that are blinding you from seeing his glory that you need to repent of? How have you seen the glory of Jesus Christ recently in his Word or the gospel lived out in our church family? What can you praise Jesus for right now in light of who he is and what he has done for you recently?

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