Mark 2:1-17 Sermon Discussion Questions

Like scribes and pharisees we tend to demand that Jesus do more for us to prove who He is? Have you ever demanded Jesus do something to prove He is worth following.  Have you ever bargained, “God if you do this. I will obey you.” 

Are there things you are demanding God to do in your life before you will believe Him? Take a moment and honestly compare these demands to what He has done for you on the cross for you. Why do you think you demand more from Him?  

The self – righteous miss Jesus because they do not think they need the forgiveness He has come to offer. In what ways do you struggle with self – righteousness? How does it keep you from enjoying the forgiveness Jesus offers? 

Those who admit they are sick with sin are those who receive the medicine of forgiveness. Is there sin in your life that you avoid confessing to God? Do you feel like it’s your sin that is keeping you from forgiveness? How will you embrace God’s forgiveness through confessing your sin? 

The authority Jesus has to forgive sins is displayed in his humility to willingly enter the home and lives of sinners. As you share with others the gospel of forgiveness in Jesus, how can you be more like Jesus by entering the lives of those who need the message you share?

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