Mark 1:13-34 Sermon Discussion Questions


The reign of God that will overthrow sin and death forever has invaded this world in flesh and blood. In Jesus God commands you to turn from all others allegiances and put your TRUST in His Son alone to deliver you from sin and death. Through faith in HIS  life, death, and resurrection God will forgive you of your sins and you will receive the promise to be raised from the dead to rule with him forever

  • Reflect on why this is good news for you personally. 


  • How has following Jesus interrupted your life? How has Jesus changed who you are and what you do? 


  • Do you ever feel tension between Jesus’ mission and your mission? Explain.


  • Jesus’ word is to be elevated above all earthly powers and heavenly forces. How do you minimize the authority of Jesus’ word in your life? How will you seek to make his word KING in your life? 


  • Demons know who Jesus is and yet the religious those who claim to know His word fail to recognize Him. How can superficial religion keep you from following Jesus? 


  • Jesus promises to reverse the curse of death in the world? Why are you thankful for this promise? 
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