Mark 10:28-45 Sermon Discussion Questions

  • Talk among your BFG about how the same gospel of the kingdom is being applied to various circumstances and life situations within your BFG  right now? 
  • How do we balance doing things well, with excellence, as a witness for Jesus while not being defined by our success and failures in life? 
  • Specifically, how have you been disappointed by earthly greatness? How has it fallen short in your life? How has this disappointment caused you to look to Jesus’ greatness at the cross? 
  • How do you struggle with trying to repay Jesus for what He has done for you? How does this affect your attitude about serving others? 
  • What demands are you placing on others that are keeping you from sacrificially serving them?
  • How does Jesus’ as the ransom for your sins free you to sacrificially serve others? 
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