Mark 10:46-52 Sermon Discussion Questions

Our cry for mercy will be as desperate as our understanding of sin. We will embrace and enjoy God’s mercy to the degree with which we understand our sinful condition before God.

  • Why is our sinful condition so desperate? 
  • What keeps us from feeling the full desperation of our sinful condition? 
  • What does it take for someone to really come to terms with our desperation? 
  • What did / will it take for you to come to terms with your desperate condition?  

The aggressiveness of our faith should seek to match the truths of God’s word. How do you need to be more aggressive in embracing the truth of God’s mercy in your life? 

Has there ever been a time when you were convinced you could fix your sin? How did your efforts to fix it or clean it up only make things worse? What was it like to finally stop, cry out, and let Jesus find you?

What situations do you find yourself in right now where your only prayer needs to be, “Just let me see Jesus so I can follow Him!”

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