Sermon Discussion Questions: Psalm 2

Psalm Two describes rebellion as raging against the rule of God’s King. How do you see this displayed in our culture? How are men raging against the rule of Jesus? How do you personally fight against his rule in your life?

Jesus’ rule is meant to bring us freedom. How have you experienced the freedom of submitting to Jesus in your life? How have you experienced bondage by rejecting His rule in your life? What areas of your life have you had to work to surrender to Jesus in order to experience freedom and life in Him? 

Why should Jesus’ laughter at wicked rulers bring you comfort? 

We lose joy when we put eternal hope in “temporary saviors” to solve the world’s problems. How have you been disappointed by “temporary saviors” whether it be men, churches, government, or causes that promise to fix the world’s problems?

Our hope increases when we are given over the eternal plans of God in Jesus. How have you experienced greater hope by being on mission with Jesus? How can you be more engaged in Jesus’ unstoppable mission in the world? 

God calls us to submit to Jesus in a reverent joy. To fearfully serve Him. To tremble in praise. In your own words, what does this mean? What should reverent joy look like in the context of a church? What should this look like in your life as a Christian?

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