Matthew 28:16-20 Sermon Discussion Questions

Why is obeying the Great Commission an issue of Jesus’ worth or authority in your life? Why should worship fuel our obedience to the Great Commission? How does disobedience to the Great Commission display hypocrisy in our worship? 

If the gospel is the good news of Jesus’ authority over sin and death. How would you explain this to someone who has never heard of Jesus? 

If making disciples is a command, how do you see yourself doing this? In your home, work, recreation, church, etc? 

Why is baptism important for the church and for the person being baptized? Why is it important for the church to explain what baptism is? How has your baptism been used as a reminder of who you are in Christ?   

Why is the local church so important when it comes to obeying the Great Commission? What problems do we run into when we bypass the local church in missions? What are the long term benefits of local church planting in missions? 

How can you be more intentional about using your gifts, resources, and desires for the Great Commission? How can you embrace where God has placed you and how he has equipped you at this time for the Great Commission?

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