Sermon Discussion Questions Colossians 2:6-8

Why is it crucial to see the Bible primarily as the story about Jesus? How should seeing the story of Jesus in the Bible from creation to new creation change the way you see the story of your life? How does this help you live in Him?  

How do you struggle to live in Him? What difference would it make in your current struggles to seek to live by faith in Him?  

What spiritual disciplines do you need to be more engaged in to make sure you are living by faith secure in Christ? How can you be more intentional about offering the Father thanks for the gospel? 

In what things other than Jesus are you tempted to seek ultimate security? How does the insecurity of these things affect your contentment and thankfulness?

Have you been swayed from living according to Christ to serving the religion of self? How has serving self caused insecurity and lack of joy in your life?

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