Sermon Discussion Questions – Colossians 3:1-4

How does the “already-but-not-yet” reality of being “raised with Christ” give you hope?

In what ways are you not setting your mind on the things above, the things of Christ? What’s taking up that space? What are some ways you can further set your mind on Jesus?

What are some of the “old life” patterns or shadows that still exist in your life? What “new life” patterns can you start?

What spiritual disciplines do you most struggle to do? Which are the easiest for you? Which are the hardest to enjoy? Which do you enjoy the most?

  • Bible reading/study
  • Scripture meditation/memorization
  • Gathering with the church for worship
  • Serving the church and others
  • Prayer (personal, family/spouse, church, etc)
  • Sharing the gospel
  • Fasting

How are you tempted to make these disciplines “earthly,” about you, not “heavenly,” about Jesus?

How are you tempted to seek “new” spiritual experiences? Or “new” ways to “be better”?

What does it mean to be “hidden with Christ in God”? How does this motivate seeking Him?

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