1 Peter 5:5-8

Humility is an accurate assessment of yourself before God. How do we get an accurate assessment if ourselves before God? How does reading the Bible and prayer help us in such a pursuit of humility? What other spiritual disciplines cultivate humility (give us an accurate assessment of ourselves before God) in our life?

How do you tend to inaccurately or falsely assess yourself? What areas of your life do you most see pride or a lack of humility? How can you seek to cultivate humility in these areas?

Humility is cultivated in the context of intentional community? How does this work in your own life? How do you receive direct accountability from the church when it comes to your pride? Who in the body of Christ helps you cultivate humility through holding you accountable before God and others? What areas do you need more accountability? How can you be more vulnerable in community? In what ways can you cultivate more meekness and teachability before others?  

We grow in humility as we see ourselves rightly before Jesus. We must see our weaknesses in light of His power. We must compare our unrighteousness to His righteousness. In what areas are you most using your own power and not remembering the power of Jesus? How do you make much of your righteousness forgetting the righteousness of Jesus? What ways to you seek to be sufficient?


God does not give us all the answers. He does not tell us the future. He does give us the cross, resurrections, and hope for His eternal Kingdom in the presence of the Spirit. If we can trust Him in these things, we can trust Him in all other things.  What are the ways in which you are failing to trusts God’s timing? How does the gospel (what God has done in the past and what God promises to do in the future) change the way you see your current circumstances?

Humility is always displayed in prayer. The more we are honest about our weakness and God’s strength the more we naturally pray. What problems or circumstances have you had to face when your weakness led you to pray? How can you be more aware of your weaknesses?  How should you be more upfront and honest about your weaknesses? What are the problems in your life that you clearly cannot solve that you must pray about?

Humility is to accurately understand yourself before God. To accurately understand yourself in Christ is to understand you are a son in the Son. The father loves the Son. The Son loves the father. The Son trusts the Father so He prays to the father. One reason we do not pray is because we do not see ourselves clearly as sons in the Son with all rights and privileges before God as our father.  How can you seek to cultivate a deeper prayer life by remembering who you are in Christ?

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