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Pray for the Local Church

  • Pray for God to work in and through the local church to display His glory to all people (Eph 3:10).
  • Pray that all churches across the world would be faithful and obedient to the Great Commission no matter the cost (Matt 28:18-20).
  • Pray earnestly for missionaries to be raised up, trained, and sent out by the local church (Matt 9:37-38).
  • Pray for local churches to faithfully make disciples of all nations right around them and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8, Matt 28:18-20).
  • Pray for Christians to sacrificially and generously give to the work of missions.
  • Pray for local churches in places hostile to the spread of the gospel to remain faithful witnesses of Jesus.
  • Pray for local churches to be planted where they do not exist and for churches to be strengthened where they do exist.

Pray for Missionaries

  • Pray for missionaries to be faithful servants of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for God to work in and through them for His glory.
  • Pray for boldness and for opportunities to clearly share the gospel (Eph 6:19, Col 4:4).
  • Pray for perseverance and steadfastness under trial and suffering (2 Tim 2:3).
  • Pray for faith to trust God with their lives and with their work.
  • Pray for wisdom to faithfully do God’s work according to God’s Word.
  • Pray for single missionaries to maximize their singleness in devotion to Christ and His work (1 Cor 7:32-34).
  • Pray for married missionaries to have healthy, strong marriages that display the gospel (Eph 5:25-32).
  • Pray for missionary children to follow Christ and treasure Him above all things.

Pray for the Lost

  • Pray for the lost to repent and believe in Jesus Christ for salvation.
  • Pray for the billions of unreached people without access to the gospel of Jesus Christ to be reached.
  • Pray for a different unreached people group each day using the Joshua Project app.
  • Pray for Christians to gain access to share the gospel with unreached peoples in closed countries.