Cajun Hoopla

Why are we having a Cajun Hoopla?

As a young growing church, times like this are vitally important as we seek to get to know one another. Throughout the year we schedule events like the Cajun Hoopla to simply hangout and enjoy one another’s presence. And why not raise money for missions as we do so?

What does a Cajun Hoopla have to do with church planting?The Great Commission is a call to engage every culture in the world with the gospel through church planting. Obviously, the city of New Orleans represents a very distinct culture made up of many cultures. New Orleans is full of unique people groups who all need the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is why we are planting churches in New Orleans. We want to always be mindful and burdened for both the cultures and people of New Orleans. The Cajun Hoopla is simply an event designed to increase such awareness and compassion. Our hope is that this would not just be an event but a catalyst that would lead us all to more praying, more giving, and more going for the sake of New Orleans. One of our prayers is that this wild – crazy – fun – exciting day might be used to call many of our kids, students, singles, and even families to go to places like New Orleans all over the world for years to come.

How are we raising money for NOLA on Sunday?At the end of our worship service, we will will hear updates from our church planting partner, Lakeshore Church. We will hear brief testimonies from folks who have gone to NOLA on mission over the last few years. Then we will have a time of giving directly to our church planting work in NOLA. This offering will be on top of our regular offering. Remember Ends of the Earth gifts should be seen as sacrificial, on top of, what we normally give to our church’s General Fund. All of the money collected at this time will go directly to Lakeshore Church. Then, during the actual Hoopla, there will be King Cakes, as well as, some other items auctioned off as a fun way to raise money for Lakeshore.

Begin praying now about what you and your family will sacrificially give this Sunday. If you’d like to go ahead and give online visit

Pastor Jeremy

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