The Parable of the Sower Luke 8:4-15

Parable – from the word to throw alongside. A parable is a story or illustration thrown alongside a spiritual truth. Jesus uses parable to reveal TO HIS DISCIPLES the reality of presence of the kingdom of God so that they may see and -believe.

“The devil is not the one who refuses to come to church. He attends. But not with any good intent. He takes away the Word from men. How many have been robbed of the sermon and their souls both at once!” – Thomas Watson

God often judges rejection by leaving those who oppose the gospel in their unbelief. How have you seen this in your own life maybe with people you have shared the gospel with many times?

The Path Heart – The heart that is trodden down in unbelief doesn’t believe the gospel is true. They hear it but immediately reject it for the lies of Satan. Are their people in your life who have this kind of heart? Stop and pray for them now.

The Rocky Heart – The heart where there seems to be some kind of positive move toward Jesus but then the difficulties of life cause them to doubt the goodness of God and cost of following Jesus is too much. Have you been tempted to doubt God’s goodness in this way? How have you seen others fall away in this way?

The Thorny Heart – The heart who seems to believe and follow Jesus. Then everyday life overwhelms life in the Kingdom. Other things become more important. Jesus is not their greatest treasure. What ways should you seek to cultivate your own heart to avoid a thorny heart?

The Good Heart – The heart in which the gospel is planted deep from which the kingdoms presence grows and transforms all of life. How does this happen? How can you seek to tend to your heart to see the kingdom continue to flourish?

The call of this parable is to believe! To hear and believe in Jesus. Have you believed Jesus, God’s King, died for your sins and was raised so that you might be given the kingdom? Pray that this truth would be planted deep in your life so that the kingdom would grow and flourish in all you do.

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