Luke 15:1-10 Parables of the Lost 

In your own words, describe what it means to be lost? Describe what it was like for you, personally, to once be lost and then found by God in Christ. What took place in your life? How did this happen?

Does your self righteousness keep your from certain kinds of sinners? Who specifically? Why? How will you repent of this? What changes can you make to be more intentional engaging those with whom you struggle the most to love and serve? 

Who do you know that is “very” lost that you will pray for and begin to seek out for the sake of the gospel?

What’s areas do you find yourself being the most self righteous? Morality? Values? Doctrine? Church stuff? Personal holiness? The way you were raised? Are you self righteous about not being self righteous?

How does your personal self-righteousness rob you of joy in Christ?

How can our church practically cultivate more joyous celebrations as we see the lost being found? 

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