1 Samuel 14:24-52 Sermon Question Guide

When I am king my desires become law. To not get what you want is sin. How do you make your desires the law in you home, work, friendships? How have you seen you sin be deplete others? 

When Jesus is King his love is the law. How does Jesus sacrificial love empower you to love others? How have you seen others serve and replenish you so that you are able to love and serve others more?

When I am kings God’s provisions become a curse. How can we see community, the word of God, and the gospel not as provisions of goodness but curses in our lives that threaten our selfishness? 

When Jesus is King God’s provisions are blessings that I cannot provide for myself. How have you seen God’s goodness in the church, the word, and the gospel?

When I am king religion becomes a gimmick to get what I want. What kinda religious stuff in your life has become a gimmick to get what you want from God? How have you begun to live by a religious credit score before God?

When Jesus is King I embrace His righteousness in place of religious gimmicks. How does bible study, prayer, fellowship service help me see, know, and experience Jesus rather than use Jesus?  

When I am King I cannot see my sin. I judge others and even God according to my desires and wisdom. How have you been guilty of this in your own life? I end upon judging others harshly while being lenient on myself. What sins do you judges harshly in others? What sins to you give yourself a pass on?

When Jesus is King. He is the standard by which I judge myself. How can you be more intent on comparing yourself to Jesus? What sins would be more obvious in your life if you compared yourself more to Jesus instead of others?

When I am King I trust in what appears to be a success in my life. What sort of success in your life is really paper thin and can be shot full of holes? What things if others knew the truth about you would be an embarrassment? 

When Jesus is King my I can be honest about my failures. What failures do you need to be open and honest about before the Lord? How does Jesus success story overwhelm those failures? 

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