1 Samuel 16 Sermon Study Questions

In our greatest grief, God has provided at King, Jesus. How does the gospel address your greatest griefs? How have you see in the truth of the gospel give you hope to carry one in life? 

God chooses to flip the way we see the world on its head. Man sees appearance but God sees the heart. What mistakes do you make in assessing what God appears to be doing in your life, church, and the world? How do you personally value appearance over the hidden purposes of God?   

How did the Spirit unveil to you the truth that Jesus is God’s king who died for your sins? Looking back what is most amazing about the circumstances of God used to show you the gospel of Jesus Christ? How does your testimony attest to the reality that unless the Spirit reveals the truth of Jesus we would never believe?

The Kingdom of Jesus has invaded and replaced the Kingdom of Satan, sin and death in this world. As we wait for Jesus kingdom to reach its final culmination in this world, we are tempted to cling to the old passing away kingdom. In what ways do you find yourself clinging to the fading kingdom of this world?  

The takeover of David’s kingdom is marked by peace in Saul’s court. How has Jesus come to us in peace? How has the gospel brought peace to your life? What areas of your life do you need to apply the peace of the gospel?

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