1 Samuel 22 Sermon Study Questions

How do you need to find refuge in Jesus story? What are you struggling with during this season of life. What is bring about insecurity, hopelessness, and fear? How does seeing your life in God’s larger story of Jesus’ bring you hope.

What in your life does the Kingdom of Jesus threaten the most? When you hear someone call you away from your selfish desire to love Jesus and serve others, are you paranoid about missing out? Are you irritated? Why is this? How does seeing Jesus’ Kingdom as the only kingdom relieve you insecure paranoia about missing out and losing your kingdom?

Why is it easy to sin and hard to obey? How do you see Satan preying upon your desires to serve yourself? How can you see Satan use your desires to oppose God in your life? What specific desires to you see him using? How has this caused destruction in your life and the lives of others?

As you look back on your life, apart from Jesus what would tell your story? What decisions, moments, and seasons of sin would tell a story of destruction and despair? How does the story of Jesus life, death, and resurrection change your story?

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