Essentials: Am I in a BFG? Acts 2:42-47

Why is corporate worship on Sunday vital to a church’s fellowship? What things bind us together in worship ever Lord’s Day? How does corporate worship help you feel closer to your church family?

The early church in Acts shared the cost for their witness. How do you see this happening in our current context? How can we share the cost of our mission? How can sacrifice for the gospel cause you to be closer to your church family?

Sharing life together in the gospel brings contentment and joy. Why is the true? Why do we tend to choose otherwise? How has this kind of fellowship helped you understand the acceptance we have in Jesus before God? 

The early church’s fellowship was crucial to their witness and spread of the kingdom. How have you seen your church’s fellowship lead to others coming to faith in Jesus? How can we be more intentional in cultivating this kind of fellowship? 

How will you be more intentional in sharing the Word, Mission, Life, and    the gospel in your / a Bible Fellowship Group?

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