1 Samuel 28

Have you ever felt distant from God only to realize it’s because you are neglecting Him and the community He has given you? How do you keep yourself from such distance? 

What sin in your life do you wish God would change His thoughts on? How do you justify your thoughts, feelings, and actions in these areas despite God’s word? 

What people or voices besides God’s word have helped you prop us such sin? Are there people you need to stop seeking advice and wisdom from because they contradict God’s word? 

How serious do you take God’s warning of eternal judgment?  At times have you simply thought despite what you believe it will all work out in the end? How does this affect the way you live? How does God’s firm statement on judgement combat such thought in your life?

Saul is warning that we can have the kingdom close and never surrender to it.  How do you think God wants you to respond to this warning? How can you make sure you are not just in and around the kingdom but the kingodm is in you? 

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