1 Samuel 29 – 30 Sermon Study Questions

How have the events of this week caused you to see your weaknesses and how much you really need the strength of God? How will you pursue God’s strength this week in prayer and the word?

There is room in Jesus’ army for weary soldiers. Why is this good news for you? What has made you weary?  How has Jesus given you rest from these things?

Sin demands we work hard to get nothing. What sin in your life has demanded more from you than you can ever give only to leave you feeling empty?  Why is Jesus demands easier and better?How have you experienced rest in the gospel that says you do not have to work for more than you need in Jesus?

Do you struggle with thinking you deserve the kingdom and certain people do not? Who are these people? Why do you think this way? 

How does the cross change the way we think about what we deserve? How does the cross cause us to show grace to others despite what they may or may not deserve?

As you look at all the good sin and death has stolen from you what do you long for most to be restored? How does knowing the sin and death stole the same things from Jesus cause you to trust Him more?

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