Resurrection Letters Vol. 1 Devotion: Maybe Next Year

Scripture: Revelation 21

Devotional: Austin Padgett

It would be easy to take this title completely out of context, considering recent events in our world. “Oh well, maybe things will be better next year.” or “Maybe I will be able to buy that house next year.”, “Maybe I will get to take that vacation next year.” Because these were some of the first things that came to my mind after reading the title. But after you have listened to the song, you will quickly see that is not what Andrew Peterson is talking about.

“I made my way to the Western Wall…” The wall that he is talking about is what is left of the temple that we read about in Ezra 1. After the temple is built, it would last well after Jesus’ resurrection and ascention. During the height of the Roman persucution, this temple would literallly be pushed off it’s foundation, and all that would be left is the “Western Wall” of the temple. The “Wailing Wall” as some call it, is where Jewish people gather by the hundreds to get their chance to touch, pray, leave a letter, and cry out to God for deliverance days before the Sabbath. “As the sun went down, I could hear them call for you…” It is believed that the presence of God still dwells in the wall and where their Messiah will return first.

For the Christian, we dont have to wait. We believe that the Messiah has already come. Our Savior goes outside the city of Jerusalem on Good Friday to be crucified; our hope is displayed on a cross for the sins that we have committed, before hundreds of people. Where He wails, and those who love him weep and mourn. As Jesus, “…the temple of flesh and bone…” breathes his last, the temple would be destroyed; beaten, battered, and scorned and layed inside a rock. Delieverence from our sin would come three days later, as King Jesus would emerge from the grave! Hope has returned, and is seated ar the right hand of God. Let’s pray that he returns today, today, tomorrow, or maybe next year! Whenever he does, he is bring the Kingdom where sin and death are no more, the former things have passed, and where he makes all things new!

I feel that too often with the Easter story we forget the whole story. Jesus has conquered our sin and death by rising from the grave, but it gets even better. One day Jesus will give us a resurrection too. In fact, the whole earth will be given a resurrection, and this our cry along with Andrew Peterson, “To that city that we long for, that we feel so far away, where the dawn will drive away our tears, and we’ll meet in the New Jerusalem someday…” Let us long for the day when Heaven and Earth are made new; sin, death, and the effects it has have finally expired and we will be in the presence of Jesus forever! (Revelation 21)

1. ​How have you seen the Holy Spirit working in you life recently to make you long for the day of Jesus’ return?

2.​ Specifically, how are you prone to think of the Easter story as only a resurrection for Jesus and not you?

3.​ The fact that you get to participate in a resurrection of your own and one day see a New Heaven and Earth, how does that change the way that you will see the current events around you?

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