Sermon Discussion Questions: Philippians 1:3-9

Paul finds joy in his prayers for the church in two ways. (1) He thanks God for what He has done in their lives. (2) He prays for what God has promised to do in their lives. Instead of complaining and doubting others, how might you pursue joy in praying in these ways for others. Be specific who and what are you gonna pray for this week. 

Suffering is often a platform for our witness. How have you seen this quarantine hinder your witness for Jesus? How might we use this quarantine as a platform for Jesus? How might the difficulty prove Jesus is worthy to the watching world? 

Suffering in general deepens our fellowship with one another. How have you experienced deeper friendships in the church as a direct result of suffering? 

Suffering for Jesus is what solidifies our fellowship with one another. The church in America has yet to be marginalized the way we see in other countries. How might we see a different kind of fellowship in our churches if we suffered more directly for our faith in Jesus? 

Love is what defines holiness. How have you experienced a holiness that was void of love? How have you sought to be holy while being unloving?

Meditating on the love of Jesus for you is what leads to a holy love of others. How will you meditate on Jesus’ love for you this week? Who will you choose to love in light of Jesus love for you?

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