Philippians 2:12-18 Sermon Discussion Questions

Paul defines God’s will for our life as – Christ – like humility displayed in sacrificial service for others. How are you tempted to define God’s will for your? Does the way you defined God’s will for your  life hinder your sacrificial service of others? (Happiness / Comfort / Safety / Health) What things or circumstances do you believe God ‘wants’ for you that are more about you than others? 

Grumbling and complaining in the church should be seen as profanity.  What does this mean? How are you tempted to grumble and complain? How is this “empty of God”? How does this make God small in the lives of others?

We fight grumbling and complain through reverential service of others. We see our service of others as an act of worship before God. How have we made our serve less than worship? How would service as worship cause you to be more intentional and sacrificial 

The church’s unity is to shine in contrast to the world’s way of infighting. What specific differences should we see in the way church folks serve and speak to one another as compared to the world? 

Unity is experienced when each member is ready to be poured out so that we all experience more of the gospel. In what ways can you be poured out so others truly experience the love, mercy , grace, and kindness of God. Be specific. What are some ways in which you will serve that will display the worth of the gospel to others?

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