Philippians 4:8-9 Sermon Discussion Questions


  • Paul calls us to think about the righteousness of Jesus from every possible angle. What has caused you to lose a Christ- like perspective in the world today? How would thinking upon Jesus’ life and death in your place restore joy in this area? How will you order your life differently to think more about the righteousness of Jesus? 


  • Thinking about Christ leads to being like Christ. What areas do you need to be more like Christ? How will think more of Christ to produce this in your life?
  • When you hear about living like Christ what thoughts come to mind? Does following Jesus in holiness and righteousness sound like a burden or a joy? Why do you think this is? How would thinking more about Christ make being like Christ more attractive in your life?


  • Why is it important as you think about living like Jesus that you remind yourself you are in Jesus? What happens in your life when you merely try to live as Jesus without reminding yourself of the gospel that you are in Christ? How will you seek to think upon this gospel reality in your life? 
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