Mark 2:18-22 Sermon Discussion Questions

What do you know about fasting? Have you ever fasted? Do you regularly fast? Why do you think most Christians do not fast? 

What makes Christian fasting different from all others forms of fasting?

What things in your life do you want more than food? What things should you long for more than food? How can fasting help cultivate these longings?

What about heaven do you long for the most? What about this world causes you long more for heaven? Beyond fasting, wow can you cultivate a deeper longing for heaven in your life?

How can you make sure your fasting is God – Centered? [ (1) Spirit -filled in the word. (2) Focused on the Father in prayer. (3) Gospel saturated reflecting on the work of the Son] What are some practical ways to make sure your fasting included all of these elements?

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