Mark 8:34 Sermon Discussion Questions

Jesus invites anyone and everyone to follow him. By not sharing the gospel we are withholding the invitation to follow Jesus. Who are you withholding the invitation from that you need to invite to follow Jesus? Spend some time as a BFG praying for these people.

What are some ways that you are tempted to passively follow Jesus and just go through the motions? How can you actively grow in knowing Jesus and obeying him more? How are you seeing your life change or the lives of others in your BFG change because they are actively following Jesus? How is Jesus leaving his mark on your/their life?

What are some of the sins you are tempted with in your life right now? Or what are some sins that people in general seem to be struggling with right now? What are the corresponding fruits of the Spirit or corresponding virtues that Christ perfectly embodies? (lust vs purity, lying vs truth, etc.) How will you fight temptation by denying yourself what your old self wants, for what your new self really wants? How will you say no to sin, and yes to Jesus?

Besides baptism, what are some other ways you can publicly identify with Jesus? Are you sure that all your closest family members, coworkers, neighbors, friends, classmates, know that you are a Christian? How will you make it known to others (in your family, neighborhood, at work, school, etc.) that you are following Jesus?

How have you embraced suffering as you follow Jesus or how have you seen others embrace suffering to follow Jesus? What has it cost you or what could it cost you? How does the gospel encourage you to die to yourself and follow Jesus no matter the cost?

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