John 17:1-5 Sermon Discussion Questions

We seek to know God to be changed by Him. How has knowing God changed you? Have you experienced times when you were not seeking to know God? How did your sin change you during this time?

The cross is the apex of God’s glory and our good. What glory do you treasure the most from the cross? How does the cross continually remind you of God’s goodness?

Knowing God in Jesus now is eternal life. Have you always thought of eternal life as something you have right now in Jesus? How does this change your perspective on knowing God here and now? How does this change you thoughts about difficulty and suffering now?

Following Jesus by seeking to know Him will mean we will become more like Him in our suffering. How have you seen this in your life? How will seek to take up your cross to know Jesus more?

What is keeping you from knowing God more? What steps will you take this week to dig into God’s word in order to know of eternal life now?