Sermon Discussion Questions – Mark 5:21- 43

What moment in your life have you felt the most helpless? How did that moment lead you to look to Jesus? How should it have led you to look to Jesus?

We see Jesus compassion in what we would call distractions. It seems that the person with the problem in the moment meant the most to him. Do you struggle adhering to your schedule instead of engaging the people who need you the most? How does the distraction of compassion we see in Jesus change the way you should interact with others? 

Do you struggle thinking there is sin in your life too sinful for Jesus? Do you struggle believing that your unholiness would make him unholy? How should the inherent power of His Holiness change your thoughts about such sin in your life? How should the faith of this woman strengthen your faith in Jesus to make you clean?

The Bible ‘redefines’ death for the believer as sleep.  How should this vision of the worst possible thing you will face in this life strengthen your faith? How should it affect our witness before a watching (sometimes mocking) world?

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