Mark 6:1-10 Sermon Discussion Questions

Unbelief seeks to depersonalize the gospel.  How have you seen people try to depersonalize the gospel by making it about theological debate, philosophy, or personal experiences with the church. How have you struggled with depersonalizing Jesus?

Unbelief causes the Savior to marvel. Why should we be shaken by the unbelief of others?  How can we remind ourselves what is at stake in the unbelief of others?

Jesus prepares us for the reality that unbelief is to be expected. How should this encourage you as you share the gospel? How does this change the way you think about persecution and opposition to the gospel?

Are there certain truths about Jesus that frustrate you? What about Jesus offends you the most? What does this say about your heart? How should the very truths that offend you the most strengthen your faith?


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