10 Ways to Be Strategic with Your Easter Invite Cards

1. PRAY – Pray and ask God about who to invite and for opportunities and courage to invite them. Pray together with your BFG and with your family. Pray for those you invite to come and hear the gospel and be saved!

2. START WITH YOUR CLOSEST RELATIONSHIPS – Start by inviting the lost people you have the strongest relationships with. Invite your lost family and friends.

3. EXPAND TO THOSE CLOSEST TO YOU IN PROXIMITY – Invite those who you live near you or those you work with. Invite your neighbors and coworkers.

4. INVITE SOMEONE YOU’VE BEEN HAVING SPIRITUAL CONVERSATIONS WITH – Everyone knows Easter is coming up and an invite to attend an Easter service is a natural way to continue spiritual conversations you’ve been having with the lost.

5. INVITE SOMEONE YOU WANT TO BEGIN HAVING SPIRITUAL CONVERSATIONS WITH – Having a hard time moving conversations with someone past the surface level? Inviting them to Easter is a perfect way to get a spiritual conversation started! Even if they can’t come it can be a way to get an on-going spiritual conversation started. Try asking, “Do you have any plans for Easter?”

6. INCLUDE AN INVITATION TO EASTER LUNCH – Host Easter lunch at your home and invite your lost family, friends, neighbors, and/or coworkers to join you for Easter service and lunch. Some people who might not normally feel comfortable attending a worship gathering would feel comfortable coming over to your home for a meal. By combining them into one invitation they will be more likely to attend worship.

7. MAKE IT PERSONAL – Spread the word about our Easter services on social media, but don’t stop there! There’s a BIG difference between discreetly leaving an invite card in the break room and personally looking someone in the eye and saying, “We’d love for you to join us at Ashland this Easter.”

8. MAKE IT SWEET – Make some Easter cookies or other desserts and bring them to work or hand deliver them to your neighbors with invite cards.

9. GET THE (LITTLE) KIDS INVOLVED – Have the kids color pictures of a cross or the empty tomb and make handmade Easter cards. Put an invite card inside and hand deliver them to the neighbors.

10. GET THE (OLDER) KIDS INVOLVED – Encourage your older kids to pray and invite their friends and classmates. Make sure to offer a ride. Let your older teens borrow the car and pick up their friends.

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