Mark 6:30-44

Who are the people in your life for whom you are trying to be Jesus by your own power, provision, and wisdom?  Why does this fill us with anxiety and strain our relationships? 

How will you remind yourself that you are not enough to meet the needs of others around you?  How will you seek to point others in your to Jesus as the Shepherd who will feed them rather than seeking them to hope in you?  

What does it mean to say Jesus is the BREAD FROM HEAVEN? What does this teach us about the miracle of feeding the thousands? What or who is the actual provision? How does this change the way we look to God to provide in our lives?

What are you currently enduring in life that has you feeling like you are desolate in the wilderness? How is Jesus teaching you through these difficulties that you are not enough and He is the only one who has the power to provide for you? How will you fight to trust Jesus as your power and provision during this time?


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