Mark 15:1-20 Sermon Discussion Questions

How do you see the world fighting for power? How do you see unbelievers fight for power? How are we tempted to fight for power in the church? How does the gospel free us from this power struggle? 

How does the gospel give you leverage to serve others instead of fighting them for power? Who do you need to stop fighting for the upper hand and begin serving for the sake of the gospel? 

Mercy is not easy in every situation. Some conflicts are severe and need the difficult process of confrontation, confession, and repentance for reconciliation to be possible.  Mercy in these situations can take time.  Even so, our tendency is usually to avoid mercy at all costs. Why do we reach first for condemnation instead of mercy? How can you take steps toward mercy in lesser severe conflicts to help train your heart toward mercy?

What excuses do you tend to make for not showing others mercy? How does the gospel free us from this disposition?

Who is someone to whom you need to be merciful? What steps can be made toward reconciliation with this person? How will you pray for a disposition of mercy toward this person? If reconciliation is not possible, how will you pray for this person?  

How does the gospel free us from pride and lead us to humiliating? In what ways can you embrace humility? What are some specific tasks you can take on at work, at home, or at church to embrace humility? 

The cross is the most humiliating moment in human history. What does this teach you about God? How should this lead you to repentance when it comes to your most prideful moments of sin?


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